Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Education Start up

This is a new attempt to start communicating new ideas and old ideas that work in the art of managing cities.

As Chair of the Education committee, I am going to write several articles on management research that I come across as well as share ideas that others share with me.

I invite you to comment and to submit articles for our association members to see.

As we move along, I hope to get this posted as a link on the KACM Web site. I will also try to get a registration process set up so you can get a direct email every morning following a posting.

The first order of business is to ask for topic ideas. Send me an idea, either through direct email or by posting a comment. Remember, in Blogging, comments can be public. It will depend on how we decide to operate. So tell me whether you want comments public or whether I should summarize them for a later post. By summarizing, I will use editorial discretion as I report comments.


YankeeFan said...

Good start, LP.

Kathy Sexton said...

Larry, you're our KACM education czar! Thanks for getting this off the ground.